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Belgian Congo Study Circle Expertising Committee

The Belgian Congo Study Circle Expertising Committee is composed of the following members:

Chairman: Charles Henuzet (B)

Members: Thierry Frennet (B), Dr. Marc Oblin (B), Filip Van der Haegen (B)

Consultants: Jean-Pierre Flamand (B), Michel Hopperets (B), Luc Vander Marcken (B), Marc Frevelhausen (B)

When the committee's members are NOT in agreement about an item from the 1886 to 1922 period, the final decision will be made by Charles Henuzet.
We never issue certificates for forgeries - the committee will send you the expertiser's comments without a certificate.

Please only send stamps or covers for which a certificate is useful, such as the first two issues - 1886 / 1887 Leopold II (stamps, "Colis postaux" surcharges, cancellations and covers) MOLS - Congo Free State (proofs,imperforates or special perforations, scarce cancellations, postal cards, covers, and special postage rate items) Mols overprinted "CONGO BELGE post Mols issues : only overprint varieties, proofs, imperforates, special covers(cancellations, censor tapes, overprinted stamps on covers)

Katanga : only varieties of overprinted stamps Without certificates, we can always provide details about rarity, postage rates and other matters.

Postage will be charged for such enquiries.

BCSC members should send items for expertisation to :

Charles Henuzet -   Place Saint Roch, 30   B - 5620 Saint Aubin,  Belgium